A quality microscope to suit your needs.


*High-resolution infinity corrected optics are parfocaled and parcentered
*Slow-closing, slide holder clip on mechanical stage minimizes slide breakage
*Plastic iris diaphragm shield protects iris from damage
*20mm eyepieces for increased field of view
*Siedentopf Head provides larger interpupillary range and is ergonomically positioned for operator comfort
*Focus-tension control knob offers “feather-touch” sensitivity for extremely precise focusing
*High-grade synthetic lubricants provide a smooth, precise operation
*Heads are inclined at 45° for ergonomic viewing
*Inward-facing (reversed) nosepiece allows user clear access to stage for slide manipulation
*40XRD & 100XRD objectives are spring-loaded and sealed to
protect optics from contact or oil damage
*LED illumination with variable intensity provides a energy-efficient, cool, white light
*Abbe 1.25 NA brightfield condenser is optically coated for maximum light transmission and enhanced contrast
*Quality construction assures “trouble free” operation and minimal down time
*All-metal internal parts for durability

Microscope: M15B-P

  • Model: M15B-P

    Head: Binocular

    Eyepiece: W10XD, 20mm

    Objective: 4XD, 10XD, 40XRD, 100XRD

    Infinity Corrected Condenser: Abbe 1.25 DIN Rack and Pinion

    Illuminator: Variable LED

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