In excellent condition and functioning well, Kyrios Soter Scientific provides an economic solution to the science lab with this repaired centrifuge that can serve your needs. The Model 642E is a compact single-speed centrifuge designed to provide the ideal pre-analytic sample processing performance recommended.

*Each centrifuge comes with six (6) red 100mm tube holders

Centrifuge: 642E - 6 Place (Refurbished)

  • Model: 642E

    Dimensions (Length * Width * Height): 14 * 12 * 9"

    Max Acceleration Time: 10 Seconds

    Max Deceleration Time: 20 Seconds

    Timer: Electronic, 1-30 minutes

    Speed: 3380 RPM with 100mm Red Tube Holders

    Force: 1600xg with 100mm Red Tube Holders

    Electricity: 115V / 60Hz

    Rotor: 2-Stage Horizontal Capacity: 6 Tubes

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