In excellent condition and functioning well, Kyrios Soter Scientific provides an economic solution to the science lab with this repaired centrifuge that can serve your needs. These centrifuges are affordable and efficient. Using advanced engineering materials and an advanced cooling system, the 614B provides high-quality fixed-angle separations for the physician’s office or small lab.

*Each centrifuge comes with six (6) red 100mm tube holders

Centrifuge: 614B - 6 Place (Refurbished)

  • Model: 614B

    Dimensions (Length * Width * Height): 13 * 11 * 9"

    Max Acceleration Time: 30 Seconds

    Max Deceleration Time: 40 Seconds

    Timer: Mechanical, 1-30 minutes

    Speed: 3250 RPM with 100mm Red Tube Holders

    Force: 1100xg with 100mm Red Tube Holders

    Electricity: 115V / 60Hz

    Rotor: Fixed Angle Capacity: 6 Tubes

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